Our Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer

Mike Caputo is the founder and CEO of 1st Choice Construction. In his role, Mike provides inspired leadership to our entire team while creating and overseeing the implementation of the company's development strategy.  His honest and thoughtful approach to decision-making is well-respected and has helped him build a reputation as a valued voice within the industry.  He received his collegiate degree at Loyola University of Maryland and has held several leadership positions prior to the establishment of 1st Choice Construction in 2010.  His most notable career accomplishment is earning a coveted ranking on the Inc 5000 list for three consecutive years.  Mike's passion for delivering superior quality and service is the reason why 1st Choice was created.  He is also no stranger to hard work and commitment.  Alongside 1st Choice, Mike also owns a cabinet wholesale business and lives on a farm with his family in Lexington, NC.   


Chief Information Officer

Stephanie Pepp joined the company in 2012 and is responsible for corporate technology development and infrastructure management while overseeing the IT and Logistics departments. She began her career with 1st Choice Construction as Director of Operations and has played an integral part in the foundation of the company policies and project management processes. She introduced and developed our Smartsheet systems as the foundation of our infrastructure and continues development in this area. Stephanie is a member of the Executive Management team, specializing in the strategic development of the company. She possesses a NASCLA Commercial General Building License. Stephanie resides in Savannah, GA.  


Chief Financial Officer

Arlindo Santos received a B.S. in Business Administration from Pace University in 1996. He continued his education by earning an M.B.A. from Pace University in 2003. Arlindo joined 1st Choice in 2012 and has been the Chief Financial Officer since 2017. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations for planning, implementing and managing all financial-related activities of the company. Additionally, Arlindo oversees our Human Resources department.  He is a member of the Executive Management team, which is responsible for the design and implementation of business strategies, plans, and procedures.


Chief Operating Officer

Doug Greene joined the company in 2013 and oversees the day-to-day operational functions and implementation of company strategies, contract agreements, ensures the execution of the company's business plan, and adherence to our business model through communication with employees. Doug started his career with 1st Choice Construction Management as a Project Manager and he takes a hands-on approach with business development and client retention initiatives. Doug is a member of the Executive Management team, specializing in conflict resolution and risk management. Doug resides in Mooresville, NC.